No Shortage of Pharmaceutical Drugs: SLCPI


Sri Lanka Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry has urged the public not to panic about a shortage of pharmaceutical drugs.

Urging the public to remain calm, SLCPI assured that despite the global impact of the coronavirus outbreak, there is no shortage in the availability of essential drugs in the country.

“All major pharmaceutical importers have adequate inventory and stocks to last for the next three months and even further,” SLCPI told in its statement.

Chairperson of the SLCPI, Kasturi Chellaraja said, “panic buying of medicine as a reaction to coronavirus is absolutely unnecessary, rather it is important to be sensible and judicious when reacting to the current situation.”

“There is currently enough stock to meet three months of normal demand and we will make sure that the supply chain is not disrupted,” she emphasized.

SLCPI’s statement was issued in the wake of reports from pharmaceutical retail suppliers, regarding customers buying as much as two to three months supply of drugs.