May Day Message – Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe


Human labour is widely recognised and valued with the communication and technological advancement in the present world. Workers are not merely the labourers or farmers like in the 80’s but a whole set of people in different ranks of profession and in different strata of life. Concerns and conversations on individual rights and discharging particular responsibilities to the nation in return are equally important.

Not surprisingly workers’ riots in world’s history have been able to meet many of the demands by the workers. The sacrifices of so many people who fought for the rights and dignities we enjoy today cannot be forgotten.

Yet today we have the challenge of finding other means for our gains. We can end up our fighting for a win- win solution. The workers today have to be radical in the accomplishment of their responsibilities and commitments in order to rewrite a history for the workers’ day.

I take pleasure in hailing the whole working community on this day and I wish the fulfilment of their own rights while bestowing valour and vigour on them in accelerating the course of the country’s development.

Ranil Wickremesinghe
Prime Minister

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