Drug-related statements should be made responsibly


The statements regarding illegal drugs should be made in a responsible manner, says UPFA Parliamentarian Mahinda Amaraweera.

The parliamentarian stated this addressing an event in Hambantota.

Commenting further, he said had Sri Lanka’s largest heroin haul not been busted yesterday (24), these drugs could have eventually reached rural areas as well.

The President has taken the correct leadership against the drug menace and he has accomplished what none of the Defence Ministers could have done so far, MP Amaraweera said.

He further said that the President has permitted curbing drug trade without any influence, however, certain people are attempting to promote drugs while the drug menace is being eradicated.

Investigations should be conducted if there is any parliamentarian using drugs and they should be penalized accordingly, MP Amaraweera further said.

Setting the wrong example in this regard could lead to rural children approving the use of drugs, which would eventually endanger their lives, the MP added.

In a situation as such, it is important to act with caution in order to safeguard the future generation, MP Amaraweera commented further.