Several political party reps called to Election Commission


The representatives of several political parties with internal conflicts will be convened to the Election Commission this morning (10).

A spokesperson of the Commission stated that the representatives of Ahila Ilangai Tamil Congress (AITC), Eelavar Democratic Front, Eksath Lanka Podujana Pakshaya, Eksath Lanka Maha Sabha, Liberal Party and Sri Lanka Progressive Front have accordingly been called for the meeting which starts at 10.30 am.

The Election Commission points out that the chairmen and the secretaries of these political parties are embroiled in conflictual situations while issues regarding the ownership of the parties have also emerged.

In the meantime, the Election Commission has urged the postal voters to send in their applications for the General Election 2020 before March 16.

The Commission’s spokesperson mentioned that the decision on the date for casting of postal votes will be taken today.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the officers of Election Commission and the Postal Department is scheduled to be held tomorrow (11).

A total of independent groups have so far placed their deposits for the forthcoming General Election, the Commission said further.