Strict action to be taken against looters – Minister of Law and Order


The Law and Order Minister Ranjith Maddumabandara has instructed the police to take all necessary measures to safeguard the properties and belongings of those who are displaced due to the bad weather conditions in the country.

Due to the inclement weather, thousands of families have been forced to vacate their homes and live in makeshift shelters. The minister noted that while Sri Lankans are generally prepared to assist others in a time of need, there are also certain unscrupulous groups who target these abandoned homes and wait for the opportunity to loot the valuable belongings of these families.

“Although Sri Lankans are known for their generosity and helpfulness, there are also a few who disgrace the rest of the people by taking advantage of such untoward situations.” “Therefore, I have instructed the police to take the strictest action against such unscrupulous elements and drug addicts who engage in such thefts. In this regard, all police stations have been instructed to entertain complaints about such thefts round the clock,” the minister added.

He requested the general public to notify the nearest police station if such activities are observed as it is a social responsibility. He said that the police had been instructed to ensure that such persons will be arrested and severely punished

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