SATHOSA lowers prices of 5 essential goods


The Lanka SATHOSA has announced the price reduction of five essential foodstuff, including sugar and rice from yesterday at all its outlets.

Accordingly, a kilogram of imported and local big onions (Rs.220) was reduced by Rs.40. A kilo of imported Ponni Samba (Rs.225) was reduced by Rs.31, one kilo of short grain Samba (Rs.225) reduced by Rs.31, a kilo of imported Nadu (Rs.218) reduced by Rs.20, a kilo of red lentils (Rs.580) was reduced by Rs.120, kilo of chick peas (Rs.595) reduced by Rs.10, a kilo of imported white raw rice (Rs.210) down by Rs.15, one kilo of white sugar (Rs. 305) was reduced by Rs.7, one kilo of garlic (Rs. 750) was reduced by Rs.100. A kilo of sprats (Rs. 1,400) was reduced by Rs.25, dried chillies (Rs. 1,950) was reduced by Rs.260 and a kilo of imported potatoes (Rs.320) was reduced by Rs.40.

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