Rs. 2379 million collected through traffic fines last year


This was revealed at a special discussion held under the patronage of Minister Madduma Bandara to find urgent solutions to the heavy traffic congestion in Colombo. It was revealed that in Colombo alone Rs. 278 million were collected by the police for traffic offences committed.

A revenue of Rs. 2379 million had been collected and credited to the consolidated fund by the Police as fines from traffic offences across the country last year, Police informed Law and Order Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara.

However, the minister told the officials that while these statistics were indeed impressive a better way to reduce congestion in the City of Colombo would be discipline motorists and to develop and modernise the transport system in the country. Those present were asked to come up with medium and long term solutions to the problem.

At the discussion, it was revealed that there was a shortage of about 350 police officers to be used for traffic control. The minister said he would instruct the IGP to take the necessary steps to fill the void.

When minister asked why the proposed methodology of reducing marks over ill-discipline was not implemented, the police informed him that the system was not implemented due to a glitch when accessing data from the computer network between the Department of Motor Traffic, the Courts and the Police Department.

The minister directed the relevant officials to immediately take steps to correct this shortcoming

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