NPC to manage traffic via Google data


National Police Commission is taking steps to control ever increasing traffic in major cities using Google Data. Prof. Amal Kumarage from the Moratuwa University presented to the National Police Commission (NPC) and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) as to how persisting traffic issues could be resolved using Google data.

He made a comprehensive presentation on improving Transport Traffic Management in Sri Lanka based on a software on June 14. He also explained the magnitude of the traffic problems faced by major cities in Sri Lanka including Colombo and Kandy.

There is a huge increase in the use of private vehicles as opposed to public transport modes such as trains and buses.The deterioration of public transport has led to the increase in private vehicles causing huge traffic congestion in towns with an increasing number of road accidents. A large number of private vehicles not only causes traffic and vehicle accidents but also aggravate environmental problems, loss of useful man-hours and fuel. As a result, major cities could become unlivable places in the near future.

Prof. Kumarage said one long-term solution for traffic problems is to strengthen the public transport. Sri Lanka Police is playing a major role to control traffic and vehicular movements on a daily basis. Prof. Kumarage also explained the use of technology such as Google data in Transport Management and traffic control in Sri Lanka.

Prof. Kumarage added that Transport Traffic Management in Sri Lanka can be effectively handled and coordinated with the Transport Ministry, Provincial Transport Ministries, Traffic Police, Urban Development Authority and the Motor Traffic Department. This presentation was made as an initiative by the Committee on Motor Traffic and Tourist Police appointed by NPC to look into the policing issues related to Traffic and Tourist police.

This is one of the seven committees appointed by the National Police Commission according to an idea of NPC Chairman P. H. Manathunga in 2017 to identify and address priority areas that need immediate intervention by Police. Prof. Kumarage who was invited by the NPC made this presentation at the Commission’s weekly meeting.

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