No Knuckles land used for projects – Minister Lakshman Kiriella


Public Enterprise and Kandy City Development Minister Lakshman Kiriella yesterday rejected allegations that a land belonging to the Knuckles mountain range had been given to investors to carry out various projects. He told a news conference held at the Department of Government Information auditorium that there were no projects as mentioned by some and vowed never to allow that land to be adulterated now or in the future.

The minister said the land demarcated for certain development projects were outside the mountain range and obtaining Cabinet approval for such projects was essential. “Eco-friendly agricultural and dairy farm projects have been proposed to be set up outside the Knuckles mountain range. They are only proposals and nothing implemented yet. However, as a ministry, we will not allow the mountain range to be damaged. We have not given any land inside or outside Knuckles to any investor. We wish to invite media personnel and environmentalists who are quick to make allegations to visit the site and check for themselves. Parties who level these allegations should provide us with evidence and later investigate these matters,” he said.

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