Certain individuals try to abuse the freedom and democracy established in the country – President


President Maithripala Sirisena says it is not suitable to create an environment where anyone in the Judicial sector to go behind the politicians when the government is implementing the policy of upholding the rule of law.He made these remarks participating in an event to open the new court complex in Waththala, yesterday (May31th).

President Sirisena said that it is the responsibility of the government to create a conducive environment for every person in all the sectors not only in the judiciary, to fulfill their responsibilities freely with contentment. He also said that the Government has taken measures to solve a number of issues, including salary anomalies faced by the staff of the Attorney General’s Department and the people engaged in the Judicial sector, during the past three years.

The President also paid his attention regarding the facts presented on the promotions and transfers of Judges and pointed out the importance of establishing a special unit to submit their problems and grievances and it was also proposed to appoint a three-member committee consisting of the judges representing the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court to function that unit.

President Sirisena speaking further said that the prominent foundation to build a good and virtuous society in the country is to strengthen the rule of law.President Sirisena recalled that the objective of selecting him as the President of this country by the people on January 08, 2015, is to ensure the rule of law, freedom and democracy in the country as well as to build a fraud and corruption free country.

President Sirisena who said that since certain individuals try to abuse the freedom and democracy established in the country, a lot of unethical practices are being experienced which are not suitable to a cultured society. President Sirisena stated that it is sad to see the reports related to misuse of internet and social media that it is important take decisions regarding these matters for the sake of the people.

Thus, President Sirisena, referring to the accusations towards the government regarding the rising of the criminals of the underworld said that the prime responsibility regarding these issues belongs to the Ministry of Law and Order and the Police department and these sections should be thoroughly considered or else decisions will be taken immediately.

The new court complex built in Wattala, under the program conducted by Ministry of Justice and Prison Reforms to build new court complexes has spent Rs.275million to complete the project. The new court complex built with two floors is composed with the district and magistrate courts as well as with Judges’ official residence, Archives, official and waiting rooms for lawyers with all the facilities.

President Sirisena who unveiled the commemoration plaque and the court complex went on an observational visit and engaged in a friendly conversation with office bearers. Minister Thalatha Atukorala, Minister John Amaratunga, Chief Justice Priyasath Dep, Attorney General Jayantha Jayasuriya, and other veterans of the field of law were present in this event.

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