2018 – Central Bank releases ‘Economic and Social Statistics of Sri Lanka


The Central Bank of Sri Lanka announced the release of the 2018 publication of “Economic and Social Statistics of Sri Lanka” for public access.

This publication contains economic and social indicators of Sri Lanka in the areas of national accounts, agriculture, industry, external trade and finance, government finance, banking and financial institutions, money and capital markets, prices and wages, population and labor force, transportation, education, health, telecommunication services, climate and selected information on economic and social indicators of other countries, according to the Central Bank.

In addition, information on living conditions, poverty and household characteristics in Sri Lanka from Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) conducted by the Department of Census and Statistics is also available in the publication.

Further, it includes disaggregated information at the provincial level on key economic variables.

The statistics in this publication have been presented in time series/cross sectional basis to serve the diverse needs of users, such as entrepreneurs, policy makers, researchers, teachers, students and the general public.

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