‘Incredible, epic beyond compare’ critics reveal first reactions after premiere of Avengers: Infinity War


Kiss FM & Real Radio of Voice of Asia Network (Pvt) Ltd gets ready to give the Sri Lankan fans a pre-screening tomorrow 25th April 2018, of the Biggest Blockbuster of the year, Avengers Infinity War before the movie’s official launch in the South Asian region this coming friday the global premier took place yesterday and the critics were soon taking to social media to give their thoughts.

As the premiere being a roaring success, fans can only be getting more hyped about Marvel’s new movie. The first official screening took place on Monday night, and it seems to have gone down well with the lucky few that caught the show, leaving some buying tickets for round two. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have kept every inch of the movie under wraps with barely any spoilers being leaked from the cast and crew. In fact, the secrecy around the project has been so great, that the two filmmakers left the premiere until the last minute to avoid any major plot lines being revealed.

The Directors even went to the lengths of warning fans to stay away from the internet in order to keep themselves safe from the dreaded spoilers. In a printed letter under the hand of villain Thanos, they wrote: ‘To the greatest fans in the world. Tonight at our premiere in Los Angeles, we are screening Avengers Infinity War in the entirety for the first time ever. ‘If you truly want to avoid spoilers until you see the film, we recommend you abstain from social media, and the internet in general, until you have an opportunity to get to the theatre.’ They even signed off the piece with the hashtag: ‘#ThanosDemandsYourSilence.’ Critics were eager to tell fans about the new movie, and instantly took to social media immediately after the viewing, revealing their thoughts on Avenges: Infinity War. Once said: ‘Just got out of the #AvengersInfinityWar premiere. The movie is incredible, epic beyond compare. It’s everything you want it to be. Iron Man and Captain America fuck within the first fifteen minutes. Marvel fans are going to love this one – EASILY top five.’

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