SL External Sector Forex Reserves top US $ 9.9 Bn in April 2018


Sri Lanka’s external sector strengthened in April 2018 with continuous inflows to the financial account of the balance of payments (BOP) despite the mixed performance demonstrated in the current account. Higher inflows to the financial account, particularly with the proceeds of the 12th international sovereign bond (ISB) issuance, project loans and FCBU loans and foreign investment in the Colombo Stock Exchange
(CSE) and the government securities market, resulted in gross official reserves reaching the historically highest level of US dollars 9.9 billion as at end April 2018.

In terms of the current account, the trade deficit expanded in April 2018 as import expenditure increased at a higher pace while export earnings remained subdued. However, tourist earnings and workers’ remittances continued to record a healthy growth during the month.

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