German businessmen keen on investing more in Lanka


The German business community in Sri Lanka is upbeat on Sri Lankan economy and more investments are being made by them, Chief Delegate of German Industry and Commerce in Sri Lanka, Andreas Hergenroether said.Speaking during the re launch of the 5th edition of the “Top German Brands in Sri Lanka” he said that as the logistic hub in South Asia and future trade hub, Sri Lanka will offer in the near future more business opportunities than ever.

The Belt and Road Initiative by China which has included Sri Lanka too would help more opportunities. He also said that a business survey conducted in Sri Lanka by AHK, in Germany involving German investors in Sri Lanka also revealed that the majority of them are ready to reinvest in Sri Lanka in the next two years.

Regarding the overall economic situation in Sri Lanka, 63% of respondents of the survey had a neutral or improving perception while 43% evaluated that the Sri Lankan economic situation will remain unchanged for another two years. 20% of the respondents expect an improving economic situation from the Sri Lankan side.”


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