Amended dress code for lady judges and attorneys-at-law


The Supreme Court will now allow female Judges and Attorneys-at-Law to wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts.Earlier, women were only allowed to be dressed in the traditional saree when appearing in Court. The Extra Ordinary gazette 2091/72 released on October 5 stated that the attire specified in the Judges and Attorneys-at-Law Rules 1978 would be amended to include the above changes.

“White, black, grey or mauve saree and jacket, or white, black, grey or mauve frock below the knee length or black coat and black long trousers up to the ankle with high necked white long sleeved shirt tucked inside the trouser and black gown/cloak”, stated the gazette.

Further maternity wear has been specified to be:

“Maternity wear shall be a black high necked long frock below the knee length with white long sleeved shirt and black gown or the sari and jacket of the correct colours as aforementioned with black gown/cloak”.

Female attire in court has been a contentious issue in the country and in June of this year, a female lawyer had the Marawila Lawyers’ Association protest in writing against her wearing a dress to court, despite the Magistrate not objecting to it.