Oil samples from near ‘MT New Diamond’ to be submitted to Govt Analyst’s Dept.


The Attorney General has directed the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) to submit samples of oil collected from the sea near the ill fated oil tanker ‘MT New Diamond’ to the Government Analyst’s Department.

Attorney General Dappula de Livera has informed this to the Chairperson of the MEPA Dharshani Lahandapura, according to Coordinating Officer of the Attorney General State Counsel Nishara Jayaratne.

The Attorney General has further instructed Chairperson Lahandapura to issue necessary directions to the salvors of the ship to take urgent measures to stop the oil leak into Sri Lankan waters.

Meanwhile, MEPA, today (09), informed the Attorney General that the fuel slick, which was observed from nearly 4 km from the ‘MT New Diamond’, is not diesel but a solid oil like tar.

Director General of the MEPA, Dr. Turney Pradeep Kumara stated that a laboratory report will be obtained to confirm the relevant fuel.

Sri Lanka Navy had observed a narrow diesel-like oil patch in the sea close to the ship, both today and yesterday (08). Measures were taken to destroy the oil patch observed yesterday using chemicals.

Divers were deployed to inspect the relevant fuel stains today and it has been revealed that the oils are the fuel used for the ship.

Meanwhile, disaster management teams successfully brought the fire, which reignited aboard MT New Diamond as a result of adverse weather, under control by morning hours of today.

Further, 03 members of the international salvage company have now boarded the oil tanker ‘MT New Diamond’, according to Sri Lanka Navy.