SC grants permission to revise Dr. Shafi’s FR petition


The Supreme Court has ordered to move the Fundamental Rights (FR) petition filed by Dr. Mohamed Shafi of Kurunegala Hospital, seeking an order declaring his arrest and detention unlawful, to the 27th of September.

The FR petition was taken up before a three-judge bench consisting of Supreme Court Justices Sisira de Abrew, Prasanna Jayewardene and Vijith Malalgoda today (06).

Appearing on behalf of Dr. Mohamed Shafi, President’s Counsel Faisz Musthapha requested the court to set a date to revise the petition.

Accordingly, the judge bench granted permission to revise the petition and ordered to take up the petition again on the 27th of September.

Dr. Shafi alleges that the police had arrested him without any justifiable reason after claims were rife on social media accusing him of performing illegal sterilization surgeries on over 4,000 Sinhalese Buddhist women.

In his FR petition, Dr. Shafi points out that the CID is detaining him to date under the orders obtained from the Defence Secretary.

Accordingly, Dr. Mohamed Shafi claims arresting and detaining him without any justifiable reason is unlawful and that his fundamental rights were violated as a result.

He seeks the Supreme Court to deliver an interim order revoking the detention orders issued by the Defence Secretary under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA).