Batticaloa Campus – Sectoral Committee calls for forensic audit


Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Education under the parliamentary Sectoral Oversight Committee on Education and Human Resources Development, Ashu Marasinghe yesterday called for a forensic audit on the Batticaloa Campus.

He told a news conference that a forensic audit was essential to obtain more details on the illegal transactions, which the campus had been involved in.

“It should not be construed as something that concerns the Muslims. Some politicians are trying to paint a wrong picture and are giving it a communal overtone. The issue here are about offences committed by a politician using his influence and power. We urge the government and the Cabinet not to arrive at any conclusion before a proper investigation is carried out.

“The Sectoral Oversight Committee functions as an independent body. I don’t work in the committee as a UNPer,” the MP said. “It was revealed that the campus has been constructed on eight acres of encroached land. Can a Governor encroach land? We presented the report on the Batticaloa Campus to Parliament on June 21, 2019. We also asked for a debate on the campus and we expect a decision will be made next week.”

He said a report had been submitted to the Cabinet and have been informed that a Cabinet subcommittee had been appointed and that its decision would be known in about two weeks.

The report which was a topic for public discussion had made 15 recommendations on the Batticaloa campus on of which was that it should be acquired by the Government under emergency regulations.