Landslides destroy 10 shops in Ginigathhena; one reported missing (photos)


Owing to the prevailing downpours in the central hills, 10 shops in Ginigathhena town have been destroyed in the landslide, while one person is reported missing.

The incident has taken place at around 2.00 a.m. this morning (19), Ginigathhena Police said.

A part of the Kandy Road, from Ginigathhena Police to the town’s bus stand, has been completely closed as the landslide risk still prevails.

The Ginigathhena Police advised the motorists to drive towards the Colombo Road and enter the main road through the bus stand.

It is reported that the National Building Research Organization (NBRO) had, on several occasions, notified these shop owners in the area to evacuate the shops as the area is susceptible to landslides.

The destroyed shops included several grocery stores, vegetable stalls, two restaurants, a salon and a shop selling ornaments.

However, the Army and the Police have launched a joint operation in search of the missing shop worker.