Amendments to Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act to be presented to Justice Min


The proposal with the recommendations to amend the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act will be presented to the Minister of Justice and Prison Reforms Thalatha Atukorale tomorrow (15), stated MP A. H. M. Fowzie.

The Muslim parliamentarian recently held a meeting to discuss the amendment of the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act.

The proposal contains 11 amendments to the Act including the legal age for a Muslim marriage.

The amendments include:

-The age of marriage for both the bride and the groom should be 18 years
-The bride should sign the Register of Marriage as a sign of her consent
-Upgrade the required qualification of a Kadi to Attorney-at-Law
-Permit female Kadis (women who will adjudicate family law of Muslims)

The draft bill, which contains the relevant proposals, is to be tabled at the parliament after gaining the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers.