Consuming raw fish not good for human body: GMOA


Referring to the incident where MP Dilip Wedaarachchi consumed a raw fish during a news briefing, the Government Medical Officers’ Association said eating raw fish could be harmful to the human body.

The GMOA Editor told media that there are parasites on and inside of the skin of the fish, despite they being in fresh or salt water.

“There are also bacteria in fish’s skin. These parasites and bacteria are not good for the human body,” he said.

“Therefore, we are not recommending the consumption of raw fish and the MP’ s demonstration of eating raw fish could be a wrong example for children, ” he added.

However, Dr. Aluthge said the intention of the MP was not bad as he was attempting to convince people to buy fish and consume them, considering the desperate situation of the fishing community.

“We as the GMOA have been requesting people not to panic to eat fish on fears that they carry the Covid-19 virus. What should be done is to consume fish after washing and cooking them well, he added.