GMOA calls for thorough review of all COVID-19 related fatalities


Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) Secretary Dr. Haritha Aluthge yesterday stressed the importance of conducting a more thorough review of all COVID-19 related fatalities reported so far in Sri Lanka.

He pointed out that 16 out of 29 COVID-19 related deaths of the country have been reported from the Colombo municipality area.

“It is necessary to conduct a qualitative study to determine whether the virus spreading in the Colombo Municipality area has any impact on the increase of deaths.” Dr. Aluthge stressed.

He further stated that each and every COVID related death should be subjected to a more comprehensive and rigorous investigation. He commented on recent media reports which claimed that the country has already imported Rapid Antigen Test kits even before the completion of validation test.

“Who has given permission to import these test kits? If the validation process determines that antigen tests are of no use, what can we do to the test kits that have allegedly been imported to the country?” he questioned.