Special instructions for public on visiting hospitals: Ministry of Health


People who are visiting in-house patients at hospitals, must pay special attention to their safety, Dr. Hemantha Herath, the Acting Deputy Director-General of Health Services said.

Issuing a media statement titled ‘Guidance Note for General Public on Visiting Hospitals during COVID-19’, through the Department of Government Information, the Ministry of Health said the general public must strictly adhere to COVID-19 health protocols when visiting hospitals.

“As a precautionary measure during the current COVID-19 situation in the country, the general public is advised to adhere to health guidelines such as, maintaining social distances, washing hands and wearing face masks when visiting hospitals,” the Ministry of Health noted.

The Health Ministry further requested the people to minimize the visits to see admitted patients in hospitals.

“The general public is advised to handover the supplies by appropriate methods without directly meeting the patients,” the Ministry of Health emphasized.

Furthermore, in the event anyone requires essential healthcare, people are advised to visit the nearest hospital to seek medical assistance.