Four arrested over assault on police officers in Atalugama


Four individuals including three females have been arrested over the assault on several police officers in Atalugama, Bandaragama.

A team of officers from Bandaragama Police had carried out a raid this morning at a house in Marawa, Atalugama based on information received that a cannabis racket was operating from the said house.

During the raid, which had taken place at around 8.30 a.m. today (09), around eight occupants of the home including four women had obstructed the police officers from carrying out their duties.

They had also proceeded to assault the police officers while behaving aggressively.

Two Sub-Inspectors, a Woman Police Sergeant and a Woman Police Constable were reportedly injured in the attack.

Accordingly Bandaragama Police has arrested four suspects including three women over the incident.

Further investigations are ongoing.