“Carrot” and “Beet” arrested with heroin


A suspect, who was in possession of 10g and 260mg of heroin, has been arrested at the Kandawatte Road in Mirihana.

The arrest was made by the officers of the narcotics prevention division of Mirihana Police last evening (08).

Reports revealed that the suspect identified by the alias “Chooty Baba” reportedly had been maintaining links with prison inmates.

In another development, the main drug dealer, who had been selling heroin to prison inmates, has been taken into custody along with two accomplices.

The accomplices were arrested near the Matara High Court by the crimes prevention division of Matara Police last evening (08). The investigations officers had found close to 2g of heroin on the suspects.

Interrogations into the two arrestees identified as “Carrot” and “Beet” had led to the arrest of the main drug dealer who orchestrated the racket.

The police officers had found 57g of heroin in the main suspect.

It is reported that he had been using a motor cycle belonging to a prison guard, at the time of the arrest.