Several closed-off areas in Rajanganaya reopened


The travel restrictions imposed on some villages in Rajanganaya, owing to the detection of Covid-19 cases in the area, have been lifted.

The Medical Officer of Health (MOH) of Rajanganaya, Dr. Sandhya Abeyratne said the restrictions in Sirimapura, parts of Rajanganaya Yaya 1 and Yaya 2 were accordingly discontinued with effect from Monday evening (27).

After a counsellor from Rajanganaya area, who was attached to the Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre in Kandakadu, tested positive for Covid-19, the aforementioned areas were placed under lockdown from July 12.

The contacts of the virus-infected counsellor as well as the associates of these contacts were subsequently directed to the self-isolation procedure.

Since the PCR tests conducted on these isolated persons have not confirmed any virus infections during the 14-day isolation period, it was decided that travel restrictions be lifted, Dr. Abeyratne added.

Travel restrictions in the remaining areas of Rajanganaya are expected to be eased in the coming days, she continued.

In the meantime, it is reported that the postal voting of General Election 2020 of Rajanganaya Divisional Secretariat, which was postponed due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, is scheduled to be held tomorrow (29).

A spokesperson of the Election Commission said officers in charge of the area have already been informed to make the necessary arrangements for the procedure.