Public urged not to be misled by false claims on Covid-19


The government has taken all necessary measures to arrest the spread of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka with new positive cases linked to the Kandakadu Rehabilitation Centre springing up, says the Department of Government Information.

In a media release issued on Tuesday (14), the Department said relevant steps are being carried out to identify the coronavirus-infected persons as well as their contacts and to direct them to the quarantine procedure without delay.

Certain people are spreading false rumours that these contacts of coronavirus patients, who are placed under quarantine upon tracing the movements of Covid-19 cases, are also virus-positive, the Government Information Department said.

In addition, some speculations falsely claim that the government is planning to declare holidays and re-impose curfew in view the ongoing situation. However, the government has not arrived at any such decision thus far, the statement read further.

The Government Information Department accordingly urged the general public not to be misled by false rumours on Covid-19 and to adhere to the health guidelines introduced by the government to control the spread of the virus.