Cabinet approves Rs 500 million for eradication of Covid-19


The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the allocation of Rs. 500 million for eradication of coronavirus (Covid-19) from the country, says the Cabinet Spokesperson Minister Bandula Gunawardena.

Addressing the media briefing to announce Cabinet decisions this morning (19), he stated that the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had tabled the Cabinet paper to introduce a new “economic package” for the fight against coronavirus and to provide relief for those who were affected by it.

The relevant decision was during the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held yesterday.

In the meantime, Rs. 10 billion will be released by the Treasury for settling bills of procured medicine in arrears.

The government says that a drastic setback in the global economy has been experienced with the outbreak of Covid-19 while its preamble is visualized with the total discrepancy in the transportation/logistics, tourism and aviation industries.

Although China, the epicentre of this pandemic has given the green light of controlling and prevention of the virus by now due to the precautionary measures taken, the Covid-19) has invaded many countries including developed countries in the world.

Under these circumstances, the government is taking every possible precaution for the prevention of the epidemic, provision of services and supplies dispersed throughout a massive spectrum as well as controlling the damage caused to the sectors of tourism, export, foreign employment, information technology and micro / minor enterprises related to those sectors.