‘Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship’ to 150 students who pass the Ordinary Level above and study A/L

The 12th Scholarship Awarding Ceremony of the ‘ Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Program ‘ which is being held continuously for every year by the Ministry of Education and the Indian General Commissioner’s Office was held today (11) at the Ministry of Education auditorium.
Education Advisor Gopalan Narayanan, Secretary of Ministry of Education Professor G L Peiris and Indian High Commissioner Gopal Bagle, Prof. Kapila C. K. Perera, Additional Secretary (School Affairs) L. M. D. Dharmasena, Ministry of Education’s Media Secretary, Mr. Buddhika Wickramadara and others also participated.
It’s a great honor for him to bring world renowned Mahatma Gandhi’s role models into his life as a great leader and humanitarian, here at Education Minister Prof. G. L. Mr. Peiris has said.
The minister who commented more there,
′′ We are thankful to the Office of the High Commissioner of India and the Government of India for the continuous 12th time of this scholarship awarding programme. In relation to extending their hand of friendship. Also I would like to share the pleasure of making these awards for children of low income families who passed the Aposa Ordinary Level Examination on top. Humanism is the most important quality that Mahatma Gandhi had. He stood up for people who were injustice because of caste, wealth, power, and being a widow. Standing up to give them a good and honorable life. Replace those human qualities of His in your lives too He also stated that he is.
He visited schools in Jaffna last week, met children, parents, principals and educational authorities and discussions there revealed that living a dignified life is the need for everyone, sports competitions, cultural festivals etc. for children in the North to connect with children in the South. The minister also stressed that he asked for the reservations and that every child’s wish is to live a successful life and that he is ready as the minister in charge of the subject to set the background required by getting support from all parties.
Under the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Program which has been running since 2006, 100 A / Level students were awarded scholarships in the first stage and now 150 students are Rs. 150 per month. Student aid will be given for the entire 2500 years of study for the A / L. 2500 /= each. Children of parents who have an annual income below Rs. 120,000 /= are selected for this scholarship with high expertise in Ordinary Level examination at the district level.