Legal action instituted against 85 premises over Dengue breeding grounds


Legal action has been instituted against 85 premises including houses and construction sites over the discovery of dengue mosquito breedings grounds, according to the National Dengue Control Unit.

This was following inspections conducted during the Special Dengue Eradication Program carried out from 25th to 26th June.

“Inspections were carried out covering close to 300 construction sites and around 8,000 houses,” Dr. Aruna Jayasekara – the Director at the National Dengue Control Unit said on Sunday (June 28).

According to Dr. Jayasekara, during the course of this year, a total of 21,649 Dengue patients have been reported in the country.

“23 Dengue related deaths have been reported in the country so far since the beginning of this year,” Dr. Aruna Jayasekara told media.

Based on the latest data published by the Epidemiology Unit at the Ministry of Health the majority of 3,105 Dengue patients were recorded from the Colombo district.

Trincomalee has recorded 2,228 cases of Dengue while Batticaloa has reported 2,182.

During the 1st half of 2019, a total of 26,397 cases of Dengue were recorded in the country, according to data from the Epidemiology Unit.