26000 defaced parcels released to post offices for distribution


Around 26,000 defaced letters and parcels piled up at the Central Mail Exchange were released to post offices to be distributed to rightful owners, the Department of Posts said on Friday (June 26).

“The addresses of around 26,000 defaced parcels received from Malaysian postal authorities were recovered and released to post offices to be distributed to the designated owners,” Aslam Hassan – Senior Superintendent at Sri Lanka Post told media on Friday (June 26).

According to Aslam Hassan, another 19,000 defaced parcels still remain at the Central Mail Exchange and the barcodes are being scanned at present to be sent to Malaysian postal authorities.

Thereby, the Malaysian postal authorities will be able to recover the addresses by contacting the points of origin.

“Once these addresses are obtained from Malaysian authorities, the letters will be distributed to their owners; however, this process could take about two weeks,” said Aslam Hassan.

According to Senior Superintendent at Sri Lanka Post, Aslam Hassan, of certain defaced parcels the barcode readings have also been erased.

“Such parcels will be returned to Malaysian postal authorities, and thereby, customers who did not receive their parcels could contact the issuing agents and lodge complaints requesting for a refund or the goods,” told Aslam Hassan.

However, this process could only start once the distribution of the remaining parcels and recovering the addresses of the ones with the barcode readings conclude.