EC establishes separate entity to receive complaints regarding polls


The Election Commission has established a National Election Complaints Centre to receive grievances concerning the polls.

The panel will receive complaints on promotions or demotions of any party, group or candidate or any action causing hindrance to the conduct of free and fair election during the election period.

The complaints regarding violation of election laws can be forwarded to the telephone/fax/Viber/WhatsApp numbers and to the following e-mail address or Facebook page of the National Election Complaints Centre.

Telephone number: 011 2886179, 011 2886421, 011 2886117
Fax number: 011 2886551, 011 2886552
Viber/ WhatsApp: 071 9160000
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: Election Commission of Sri Lanka / Tell Commission – Election Commission of Sri Lanka

The list of telephone/fax numbers of the National Election Complaints Centre established at district levels are as follows: