Health officials order closure of Sripada College of Education due to viral fever


Kotagala Health Superintendent’s Office has informed the Sripada National College of Education to temporarily shut down the faculty due to an outbreak of viral fever.

Accordingly, today (30), the Dean of the Faculty has been instructed to close off the College until the 05th of February.

Reportedly, nearly 75 students of the College had received treatment for fever and respiratory illness from the Kotagala Regional Hospital, yesterday (29).

According to hospital sources, nearly 100 students have come for treatment today.

Among those who come for treatment, a group has been admitted to the hospital while another group has been directed to the Dickoya District Base Hospital.

Public Health Officials stated that they would inspect the residences of the college and take action to sterilize the areas using an antiseptic.

An official of the Faculty said that a letter has been sent seeking medical advice on the matter.