Primary function of State institutions is not generating profits – President


The primary function of state institutions is not profit generation, but rendering a stellar service to the people, says President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The President stated this yesterday (24) addressing a meeting with the Heads of all State enterprises on strengthening effectiveness of the agencies through enhancement of performance and service delivery.

Making the State sector efficient was one of the salient pledges in the run-up to the Presidential Election last year.

The President said: “We have heard that these government entities have been making losses. So we have to make these institutions profit-making entities and reduce the burden on the government. The second thing is, these institutions do not need to be making profits, but they need to improve their efficiency and provide the expected service to the satisfaction of the people. As government, we are willing to provide all the support you need for this endeavour.”

Speaking further, he pointed out that between the years 2015 and 2014, Sri Lanka was a country that was ranked number one in Asia, but now it has fallen into an unfortunate situation, where it is below Afghanistan with economy below 2%.

“This is a big challenge but it is something that can be done,” says the President.

“When I was going to the election, something that I was told often was that this is the last chance. It means there is great hope among the people that his situation will change and these institutions will be taken forward,” says the President.