Leak in Moragahakanda Reservoir dam


A leak has been observed in the upper corner of the main dam of the Moragahakanda Reservoir for several days as the maximum water capacity of the reservoir had reached.

Director of Moragahakanda Kalu Ganga Reservoir Project PB Wijeratne stated that engineers from a Chinese company have already taken measures to halt the leak.

However, this should not cause any fear or worry as the leak would not cause much damage to the reservoir of the dam, he pointed out.

He further said that the aforementioned Chinese company will constantly look into and be completely responsible for the matters of the reservoir, and the payments will be made only after that. Subsequently, the dam will be handed over to Sri Lanka, Wijeratne added.

The Director further said that the Chinese company has already planned to repair the dam as soon as the water level drops.