Terrorism, drug rackets will be destroyed and national security safeguarded – Sajith


NDF Presidential Candidate and UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa says that he pledges to safeguard the unity, sovereignty, territorial integrity and political freedom in the country at a time when various forces are attempting to interfere in the internal agenda of Sri Lanka.

Addressing a ceremony held in Kandy today (31) to launch his election manifesto “Sajith’s Social Revolution,” he stated that Sri Lanka is a very glorious country that shall never kneel before other countries or the international community.

Premadasa stated that at a time period when various forces and sections are attempting to interfere in the internal agenda, he pledges to create a country with unity, sovereignty, territorial integrity, political freedom, while giving prominence to the Sambudda Sasana and safeguarding the other religions and communities and a country where true sovereign people’s liberty is king.

He stated that the government will implement their vision in a manner that would ensure that all benefits reach the masses and the nation as a whole

He also said that they will eagerly dedicate themselves towards creating an era where not only civil human rights, but even economic, social as well as cultural rights of the people are ensured.

He stated that they will end the era where the country’s leadership nourished themselves from taxpayers’ money and also that they will initiate methods and processes for the administration to effectively and efficiently fulfill their respective duties.

The NDF presidential candidate said they hope to strengthen the economy and country once again by eradicating corruption and fraud.

Premadasa stated that safeguarding the country’s national security is not something he should be specially reminded about as someone who has been directly affected by terrorism.

“On one side while we destroy terrorism, we have also designed plans and processes to destroy the drug rackets in the country,” he said.

He also assured that all religions and all communities in the country will be safeguarded.