Attorneys question reason for delay in Gazette calling for Presidential Election


The National Alliance for Lawyers Associations question as to why there is a delay in calling for the Presidential Election. Chairman of the National Alliance for Lawyers Associations Attorney-at-Law Manoj Gamage speaking to the media noted that the Chairman of the National Elections Commission must bear in mind that he is not a politician, therefore he cannot make a statement and then give excuses.

He noted that there is a law in the country, the Presidential Elections Act, No. 15 of 1981, this act sets out specific dates and timelines. He added that there are specific provisions with regard to the selection process of a president. Gamage pointed out that the NEC Chairman is very talented in narrating stories, however, the general public has no use of such stories. He noted that the National Elections Commission will only be empowered to do anything after the gazette is issued calling for the presidential election.

Attorney-at-Law Manoj Gamage noted that if the National Elections Commission is to be empowered to assign police officers and deploy state employees to different locations, the gazette calling for the presidential election must be issued under this act. He said now to save himself from the media, the Chairman of the National Elections Commission says various stories. He requested the NEC Chairman to prove to the general public that he would put his words into action.