Three-wheeler Federation decides to operate without meters


Due to the monthly increase in petrol prices, the Lanka Self-Employed Professionals’ National Three-Wheeler Federation had decided to operate their three-wheelers without the fare meters.

Speaking to the media, Three-Wheeler Federation’s President Sunil Jayawardana said they were facing difficulties when altering the meter rates each month due to the monthly petrol price hike.

He said the government is in the habit of revising the fuel prices according to the fuel pricing formula on the 10th of each month.

“More than 150,000 three-wheelers are fixed with fare meters. Due to monthly fuel hike, we have to change the amount charged per kilometre,” he said.

“As a result of the increasing taxi fare, people are moving away from using three-wheelers for their transport requirements. Therefore, we have decided to remove the fare meters or to transport passengers by switching off the meters,” Mr Jayawardane said.

He said instead of the fare meters, people can pay their hiring charges after discussing with the driver.

He said a waiting charge ranging from Rs.2.00 to Rs.3.50 was added when using the fare meters which is disadvantageous to the passenger.

“But when there is no taxi meter, those waiting charges are not applicable, which is beneficial to the passenger. More than 60,000 three-wheelers are now operated without fare meters. Taximeters are robbing the people by charging them for waiting”, Mr. Jayawardane said.

Meters with the capability of issuing printed bills was made compulsory from August 1 by the National Council for Road Safety (NCRF).