Why can’t Tamils vote for Gotabaya when they did for Fonseka – Karuna Amman


After just one year since the war, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) requested for unconditional votes for former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka who assassinated Tamil civilians, according to Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman.

He expressed these views at the Tamil United Freedom Party committee meeting held at the party office Kalladi, Batticaloa, yesterday (18).

He stated that he has decided to support Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the upcoming presidential polls as they had entered into an agreement with the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) regarding the election.

Speaking on the Easter Sunday attack, Karuna Amman stated that over 200 innocent Tamil people died in the attacks and that the country’s security has become an issue. He added that it is their responsibility to save the country from this plight.

He says that the current has given a lot of promises to the Tamil community, yet neither the Prime Minister nor the president has acted to release any of the political prisoners.

Although it was promised that separate rights would be given to the North and the South by changing the constitution, no such thing happened, he pointed out.

He says that the TNA has been deceiving the Tamil people with such a government and that it is still working with a similar government.

Pointing out that there are rumors that Minister Sajith Premadasa would become the United National Party (UNP) presidential candidate, Amman says that Premadasa is a leader who would save the Muslims.

He says that many Muslim leaders attend the public meetings held by Sajith Premadasa and that the Tamil community must be on a clear stance during a time such as this.

Many can say that Gotabaya committed war crimes during the war, but the TNA asked the Tamil community to support Sarath Fonseka despite him having assassinated Tamil civilians, he pointed out.

Karuna Amman questioned the crowd why the Tamil community cannot vote for then-Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa when they could vote for such an Army Commander.

Since a Sinhala person, anyway, would become President at the end, the Tamil must choose a leader who would benefit them, he elaborated.

Karuna Amman also pointed out he has stated that ‘Ranil Wickremesinghe is a sly fox and will not do anything for the Tamil people’ at a press conference with Anton Balasingham during the peace talks with LTTE.

The Prime Minister is showing these characteristics again now and that Tamil areas will cease to exist if they supported him.

As there is a chance that the Muslim supremacy would develop under such a situation, the Tamil people must think wisely and vote for Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Karuna Amman concluded.