Cabinet nod for UK-inspired law


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is said to have secured Cabinet approval for the enactment of a piece of fresh legislation along similar lines of the law in the United Kingdom to prevent the rise of ISIS terrorism in Sri Lanka.

The Prime Minister, in his Cabinet memorandum, observes that though the terrorist group led by Zahran Hashim had been destroyed after Easter Sunday’s bomb attacks, it would not be the end of ISIS terrorism in Sri Lanka.

He had taken a leaf from the book of the United Kingdom on the steps to be taken for drafting this legislation and has proposed to introduce a new definition of terrorism on similar lines with the UK law. The new offences to be included in the proposed law are the encouragement of terrorism, dissemination of terrorist publications, application of them in the internet, preparation of terrorist acts, training for terrorists, attendance at a place used for terrorist training and making and possession of devices of material.

Also, the bill, if enacted, will deal with the commission of offences abroad and will cover extraterritorial jurisdiction. It will be an offence for anyone to commit terrorist activities overseas and enter areas designated in the bill.