Vice Chancellor exposes ‘torture chambers’ within Ruhuna University


The University of Ruhuna is notorious for its ragging of new students, stated University’s Vice Chancellor Dr. Gamini Senanayake at a Ruhuna University press conference held in Matara.

This issue cannot be comprehended by observing from the surface level, he said.

According to the Vice Chancellor, the ragging period at the Ruhuna University lasts throughout a year and new students are enrolled in every rally within the year.

Claiming that he has got data on the late attendance of the freshmen to lectures due to participation at rallies, Dr. Senanayake said that no senior student participates at these rallies.

The Vice Chancellor says that he can show data that new students are forcibly taken for these rallies and protests.

He says that he has uncovered information on ‘torture chambers’ within the university where sexual harassment is carried out.

“I have broken the iron latches in these rooms. No lecturer, committee member, or security personnel have been to the area in 15 years”, said Senanayake.

When he checked the rooms on 17th April a student of the Arts Faculty had stored coconuts plucked from the university grounds; students sell these coconuts to fund their union activities, he said. He has put a stop to this, the Vice-Chancellor added.

Some students have taken up membership in the Frontline Party, however, they will not admit to it when asked, he said.

According to him, the party is sabotaging the education of the students and the situation can turn out to be dangerous if this is not stopped.

Stating that he will reveal everything that he knows, Vice Chancellor Senanayake stated that many campaigns are being carried out against him and his administration.

He further said that he wishes to reveal everything to the media as these students hinder the development processes in the university.