Kiriella mooted as latest bidder for presidency?


A move is underway within a section of the United National Party (UNP) to promote Public Enterprise Development Minister Lakshman Kiriella, as the presidential candidate of the party; it is learnt, with a section of the Kandy-based Buddhist clergy particularly keen on Minister Kiriella as the candidate.

He yesterday participated in a ceremony to mark the ground-breaking for the construction of a Dharmasala at a temple in Pussellewa, Kandy. It was held at the Ibbanwewa Sri Sudarmarama Temple.

Ven. Gangasiripura Dammaloka Thera, who delivered the Anusasana at the event, was of the opinion that Mr. Kiriella would be the ideal presidential candidate for the UNP. He said Mr. Kiriella had performed a yeoman service in the Kandy district and the Buddha Sasana and that he would make an excellent President.

Mr. Kiriella, who addressed the gathering during the said there was a death fast that took place recently against Muslims. “It is a sinful act to take one’s life according to Buddhism,” he noted.