Demanding secret agents’ names for narrow political interests unacceptable – Mahinda


Leader of Opposition Mahinda Rajapaksa says that it is improper to inquire the names of secret agents of state intelligence services to fulfil narrow political interests.

He stated this addressing a public meeting held in Tangalle last evening (31).

The Opposition Leader said that any government have their own secret agents placed at certain organizations, however, it is improper to ask for their names for the sake of political interests and to sling mud at others.

He added that issues concerning national security were resulted due to such attempts to fulfil such narrow political interests. Even the LTTE had murdered a number of secret agents of the government who were in their organization when their names were revealed during the Millennium City incident, the Opposition Leader commented.

Speaking further he said the situation prior to and after the Easter attacks is regrettable, as it is now revealed that the government had received forewarnings but has not taken any measures until the attacks took place.

This proves that this government has not had any interest concerning national security, the Opposition Leader added.