Malik Peiris that Sri Lanka is to face the worst ever Covid-19 outbreak in the coming months


The health authorities have taken note of warnings by world-renowned Sri Lankan born virologist of Hong Kong University Prof. Malik Peiris that Sri Lanka is to face the worst ever COVID-19 outbreak in the coming months.

However, Deputy DirectorGeneral of Health Services Dr. Hemantha Herath said, but people had a bigger responsibility in driving transmissions down.

Making his remarks during a virtual address to an event organised by Sri Lanka Science Foundation, Prof. Peiris said there is a resurgence in cases due to Delta variant.

“There has been a resurgence of cases globally, including in the South Asian region. This is primarily due to the new variant, which is the Delta variant. This, of course, played havoc in India. I am afraid that I have to say that it is going to have a major impact on Sri Lanka in the coming weeks. As a public health professional, I would be remising my duty if I don’t warn that Sri Lanka is going to have the worse COVID-19 outbreak in the months ahead,” Prof. Peiris said in his address on video.

He congratulated State Minister, Prof. Channa Jayasumana, and the government for a successful vaccination drive. However, he said people should be administered with two doses for mass vaccination to have a significant impact, and it would not happen within the next month or two.

Asked for the response in this regard, Deputy Director-general of Health Services Dr. Herath who is authorised to talk to the press on Covid-19-related matters said the health authorities had noted all such warnings, but a lockdown of the country would have disastrous economic consequences.

Admitting that there is an uptick in cases, he said it is important to flatten the curve.