special stickers for essential service vehicles


Eleven special stickers with separate colors will be introduced from tomorrow for vehicles that engage in essential services during travel restrictions are in place, police said.

Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said the new sticker system will be used from tomorrow morning on all roads entering Colombo to ensure that people traveling for essential services without delay during travel restrictions.

This sticker is valid until the traffic restrictions are lifted, he said

Accordingly, green sticker for health services vehicles, light blue color for the three armed forces and Police vehicles, Purple is for those in the private sector who provide essential services, light brown colour sticker for the people working in the import, export, manufacturing and industries sector, yellow for essential supplies, red for essential delivery services, orange for media and communications institutions, white for work related to immigration and emigration, black sticker for humanitarian causes (funeral, medical examination etc) and gray colour sticker is for pre-cooked food and delivery services.

A special colored sticker has been introduced for other duties in the public sector, he said.