Cannot live the way extremists wants us to – Ali Sabry


Minister of Justice Ali Sabri says that it is important that all ethnic groups in the country live together as Sri Lankans, despite cultural differences.

Addressing an event in Colombo, the Minister said that although they belong to different races, all are human beings and Sri Lankans.

He further said, “We can move from diversity to unity. When we do, we should be culturally Sri Lankan. Sri Lankan culture refers to a Sri Lankan Muslim subculture. You don’t have to run against the people.

We need to have confidence in ourselves. Must have a mutual understanding. Must have confidence in each other. If that happens then this country can build the peace, unity, and brotherhood that we hope for. Because more than 95 percent of the people want to live like that.”

Pointing out that there are some extremists in every sect, Minister Sabry said that we cannot live the way the extremists want.

“We must live according to our national anthem. Just saying it [national anthem] in the morning is not enough. You have to take it to your heart to live that way. That is a big responsibility.”