New Year is a hopeful time for all : Prime Minister


Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa says we must welcome the new year with renewed as it is a hopeful time for all.

In his message for the New Year 2021, the Premier said the government is filled with gratitude for the unfaltering support the Sri Lankan people have instilled in it to create an inclusive, and safe Sri Lanka for all.

“During the short tenure of our government, we take great pride in being able to recommence solving public grievances, and working towards the betterment of our community.”

“After five years of political stagnation, we were able to restart our social and economic growth amidst a pandemic, and so we appreciate the unwavering support of the Sri Lankan people.”

In the shared quest to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, PM Rajapaksa commended the work done by dedicated frontline staff. “Healthcare workers, the armed forces, police and security, government officials and staff, volunteers, everyone who has helped our nation reduce the impact of the virus.”

While 2020 was a difficult year for all Sri Lankans and people around the world, it has been a true test of our spirit, the Premier said further.

“The Sri Lankan community has showed their true mettle in these difficult times, and as we reflect back on this year, let us all believe that brighter days are ahead of us.”

Even though the challenges remain great, the Sri Lankan spirit and perseverance remains greater, and it is this spirit that will enable citizens to overcome the obstacles of this global pandemic as a nation and inspire the future generations, PM Rajapaksa noted.