Expedite SC fire probe, says UNP


The United National Party (UNP) has urged the Government to expedite investigations into the cause of the fire at the Supreme Court complex which occurred earlier this month.

While the police have ruled out the cause of the fire being an electrical leak, they have still been unable to ascertain what caused this fire at the Apex Court. Furthermore, while police have indicated that the fire may have been caused by an individual failing to extinguish his cigarette properly, they are unable to confirm this theory.

As the Supreme Court complex is a high security zone, and the fire threatened the court records, the party requests that the Government to conclude the investigations as soon as possible to identify this lapse in security.

Furthermore, the party had previously enquired from the Government as to the progress of the digitization of the court records which was begun by the UNP in 2019. This incident has highlighted the urgency of this task, and the Government must present to the public the progress of this undertaking.