PCR & Rapid Antigen Tests to detect COVID-19 cases in Colombo


120 people were found to have been exposed to COVID-19 within the Colombo Municipality on Thursday (19), said CMC Epidemiologist Dinuka Guruge who added the rapid antigen tests on Wednesday (18) led to the identification of 04 COVID-19 cases.

She said people placed in quarantine at housing complexes in Mutuwal were subject to Rapid Antigen Tests.

Dr. Dinuka Guruge speaking to media said 900 PCR Tests and 50 Rapid Antigen Tests were carried out on Wednesday (18).

From October to-date 21,071 PCR tests were carried out within the Colombo Municipality, she said.

People who test positive for COVID-19 via the Rapid Antigen Test will be directed to hospitals and those test negative will be subject to PCR tests, she added.