Three CID teams to identify people spreading false rumours on COVID-19


The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has launched probes in search of individuals who spread false rumours regarding the COVID-19 pandemic via social media.

DIG Ajith Rohana said three teams of the CID consisting of 26 officers are carrying out the said operation.

After positive cases were discovered from the new coronavirus cluster from the Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre in Kandakadu as well as those who are linked to it, false speculations about the second wave of the virus were rife in social media, he added.

Conduct of this sort is punishable under Article 120 of the Penal Code, which states that exciting or attempting to excite disaffection to the State or hatred/contempt of the administration of justice or exciting or attempting to excite the citizens using unlawful means to procure the altercation of any mater lawfully established or attempting to raise discontent among the country’s people or promoting feelings of ill-ill and hostility between different classes of such people can lead up to two-year imprisonment.

DIG Rohana urges people to refrain from spreading speculations on COVID-19 via social media if they are unsure of the veracity.